, Mapes and Company is a full service land brokerage firm proficient in all aspects of field landwork and in house due diligence. We are a team of experienced landmen and support staff working under the leadership of John Eiche. We have completed numerous projects in all parts of Texas, as well as Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and the state of Washington.

John Eiche and Ted Mapes have enjoyed a successful partnership for over twenty-five years. John graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 1974 with a business degree. Ted graduated from Southern Methodist University in 1971 with a degree in banking and finance. John is a Certified Professional Landman. They are both longtime members of the East Texas Association of Petroleum Landmen and the American Association of Professional Landmen. John is a recipient of the ETAPL’s Brantley Jackson Award for Outstanding Landman, and Ted recently received the ETAPL’s Pioneer Award.

Ted Mapes retired from the world of business in 2010 and is enjoying a more leisurely life with family and friends.



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